Cross and Anchors statue in foreground with snow covered campus

December 6, 2021

Monday of the Second Week of Advent
By Giuliana LaPiana '15


Community, for me, has changed throughout the years and throughout various stages of my life. With each new community I gained a new perspective, and a connection with others, with myself and with God. But I have also learned that I could not get much out of community unless I got involved and unless I moved away from myself and my own comforts.

The community at King’s helped me to search within. It created opportunities for me to grow in faith, friendship, service, and intellect. Without the King’s community I would have never found my community in Brockton, MA or my community in McCreary County, KY. Each community was, for me, a place of support and growth. In Brockton I learned of my own inner strength and the importance of seeking help. The importance of support and care also struck me when I faced my own personal struggles. In McCreary I learned the importance of communication, time together and the need and desire to share. At times it became important for me to let walls down and to be open, to share experiences and words, to express oneself without judgment.

Each community was imperfect, as am I, which allowed for me and the communities to grow. These experiences also allowed me to know what I desire from community; one which encourages worship and growth in faith. All of my experiences with community allowed me “to see with others what [I] could not see before, to feel with others what [I] could not feel before [and] to hear with others what [I] could not hear before” (Compassion: a reflection on the Christian life).

I encourage us all to find a community that allows us to step outside ourselves and seek.

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