Cross and Anchors statue in foreground with snow covered campus

December 9, 2021

Thursday of the Second Week of Advent
By Kelly Lettieri, Director Achievement Plus and International Student Services


As a member of the King’s College community, I see the personal attention of seeing students for who they are as what I was called to do. Each student is unique and has their own individual and personal struggles and successes. In my work, assisting students in making decisions and seeing them reach their goals allows me to live the King’s mission daily.

Every day, I look through the eyes of my eight-year-old autistic son. There are many challenges and successes in his life. Our morning routine of getting on the bus consist of the same conversation every day: “I love you. Have a great day. First, you get on the bus. Second, you go to school. Last, you come home. Keep your hands quiet and listen. Have fun. Make good choices.” As he boards the bus and sits in the 6th seat, he stares out the window. I stand there, waving and blowing a kiss. He continues to stare blankly out the window. Last week, on a day where I was tired, overwhelmed, and a bit stressed, as the bus drove away; he waved, blowing me a kiss with his big smile for the first time, a departure from his normal routine.

My two communities of my family and King’s College are connected and help me to see the world with new eyes. This experience with my son reminds me that each of us is unique. And when working with students, even a blank stare, with reinforcement, can turn into a smile, helping us all to achieve a goal.

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