Cross and Anchors statue in foreground with snow covered campus

December 17, 2021

Friday of the Third Week of Advent
By Nephie Rene, Student


To me, community is more than just a word, it’s really a feeling. A feeling of comfort, of peace, of friendship, of love, of being supported and supporting others. It’s being surrounded by people who want the best for me and who I want the best for. So, by that definition, King’s College is truly a community. When I walk through the middle of campus, I know that I will be greeted by people who want what’s best for me, who share my dreams and shoulder my burdens.

Community to me is also the place where we can take chances knowing that if we falter, someone will be there to catch us. This is my reason to rejoice. I know in my vulnerability I would have support amongst my classmates and teachers.

The world tells us to be so many different things, but community accepts us for who we are. I am so grateful to be a part of King’s College community. Teachers and administrators help to set the tone, but most importantly my classmates and friends that I’ve met along the way provide the emotional support needed to catapult this school from just another institution into a community.

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