Cross and Anchors statue in foreground with snow covered campus

December 20, 2021

Monday of the Fourth Week of Advent
By John P. Murphy '93 

"Outside the Dollar General, Bells and Community"

Standing in morning sun outside the Dollar General, I recognize Westminster Quarters ringing on the bells of some church.

I learned two things about bells listening in Dr. Scapalafagus’ 6 a.m. education class.  One thing was how the Bell Curve applies to everything.

For instance within any given group… there are fighters.  Whether in youth sports or church choir.  Some folk really want to argue and maybe get physical -even roll around on the floor.  

Fighters will always find fights.  Fights are easy to come by.

Jesus probably wasn’t much of a fighter.  More of a lover; an advocate for love anyways.

Advocates attract the reasonable minds within any given group.  Most people are reasonable and fall right in the meaty part of that Bell Curve.

And that gives me great faith in the goodness of man, as a community,  as individuals and on a personal basis.

The other thing I learned from listening in that 4 a.m. class was the tune of the bells at King’s College:  Westminster Quarters.

(Ding-ding-ding dong!  

Ding-ding-ding dong!  


No matter where I am, that tune connects me to the King’s Community.

From outside the Dollar General. 
Williamsport, PA. 

Merry Christmas King’s!
John P. Murphy ’93

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