Cross and Anchors statue in foreground with snow covered campus

December 21, 2021

Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Advent
By Jeffrey Talipan, Student and Grand Knight, King's College Knights of Columbus

“Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.”-Proverbs 27:17

Reflecting on how community has helped me believe more deeply challenges me during this Advent season. I had to give this question much thought because the last two years seemed to have been devoid of any communal relationships. With COVID-19, as well as the strenuous relationship between fellow Americans, it seemed to me that the concept of community had almost gone extinct.

The more I thought about it, however, the more I realized I was wrong. During these past few years, I have seen people do things they would not normally do to help others. As community, we held each other to a higher standard in ways we have not seen for a long time. People delivered meals, reached out, assisted the elderly and were there for each other during their darkest hours.

On campus this idea could not be more exemplified. After two years of limited activity, the King’s College community exploded with an abundance of communal activities and work. I have seen fundraisers, awareness events, and students actively volunteering to help others. More importantly, I watched students and faculty raise each other up and ensure that we are being the best people God made us to be. That is what our community has helped me believe: that we are willing to put aside our differences and raise each other up to be better people.

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