Cross and Anchors statue in foreground with snow covered campus

December 22, 2021

Wednesday of the Fourth Week of Advent
By Jessika Graham '96 


My parents instilled in me a sense of community early on in my schooling. I consider myself extremely blessed to have been able to attend Catholic school from kindergarten through my college years. Growing up and being a part of the Catholic community both in my schooling and Church set the stage of good morals and values.

I can remember very vividly in high school I thought I’d never choose a Catholic college but wanted to try something different, maybe get “out of my comfort zone.” I visited non-Catholic colleges, but they just didn’t feel right. Once I stepped on campus at King’s for my interview and tour, I knew this was home and that it was my first choice.

Unbeknownst to my parents and me, my grandparents had been saving and surprised me with the best gift of all – paying for my tuition to King’s College! I probably had no idea then of the significance that would have on my life but all these years later I am forever thankful.

From King’s, I have lifelong friends that I visit when I’m in the area, I had the honor of coming back “home” to lector at a recent Mass at the new chapel. King’s continued to build on the foundation that was established in my early years of showing me the importance of community – whether it be with family, friends, or the community we live in. As I reflect, I know that King’s had a hand in my present as well: the school my husband and I chose for our children due to the sense of community and family, the church we chose to raise our family in, and the many friends we’ve made as a family in our small community. By keeping Jesus at the center of our lives, He continues to provide and foster the community spirit in our hearts and minds.

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