Cross and Anchors statue in foreground with snow covered campus

December 23, 2021

Thursday of the Fourth Week of Advent
By Christian Hernandez, President of Student Government Association

I always believed that being a part of a community is being a member of something greater than ourselves. It allows us to connect with people, achieve our goals, and make us feel safe and secure. Like the King's Community, a true community is about being connected and responsible for the people and the things surrounding us.

People say that it is easier to stay centered on end goals when they are surrounded with positive and nurturing influences. With positive influences in our lives, we feel better about ourselves, and therefore our happiness is reflected in our community. We feel energized and motivated when we spend time with these people.

At the beginning of this academic year, Student Government announced its theme for the year of "Better Together." We decided on this theme to encourage our community to come back together after the COVID-caused separation. As much as the world advances in technology, nothing can relate to practical in-person experience and a good college experience. Learning is better when we learn in a community with experienced faculty and staff who teach us from love, attention, and care to become better versions of ourselves personally, professionally, and most importantly, better in spirit. All of this happens while we create a deeper connection with God.

The theme we chose this year reflects our belief that nothing is more powerful than a community working together towards the same goal. It is together when we are happier, more connected, more efficient, safer, healthier in body and in spirit. It is together that we are better!

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