Cross and Anchors statue in foreground with snow covered campus

December 24, 2021

Friday of the Fourth Week of Advent
By Rev. Thomas P. Looney, C.S.C., President


My new ministry at King’s has invited me to form and to become part of new communities. As an introvert by nature, I thought that I would experience forming new relationships as “work” to be done for the good of the College. I thought that the “work” would be satisfying but had no expectation that it would bring me joy. I confess, I have been “surprised by joy.”

Today’s readings suggest that God surprises us in the ways that God’s actions in our lives exceed our meager expectations. David wanted to build a house for the Lord, an ornate temple, but God wanted to make of David’s household a kingdom that would last forever. Zechariah had surrendered hopes of a child born of Elizabeth, but God granted them a son. And that son would be no ordinary child but the “prophet of the Most High.”

I rejoice in the new and the not so new communities that I am privileged to be part of here at King’s as I am taken by the passion, love, and commitment that so many people have for King’s. I rejoice as well as I am taken by the passion, love, and commitment of God who saves by the embrace of our humanity in Jesus, the Christ.

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