Cross and Anchors statue in foreground with snow covered campus

November 29, 2021

Monday of the First Week of Advent
By Theresa Morgan, King's Business Analyst and Parent

I look back on the journey my daughter took to select a school of higher education. This was a brand-new experience for us since she was the first of our children to enter college. When we initially thought about the college selection process, we knew we wanted to find a school that met all my daughter’s aspirations academically. She selected a group of schools and went through the application process followed by visitations. We both felt confident that the schools she selected would meet all her academic needs. What we hadn’t considered was the importance of a community support system and how simple things like accessibility and acceptance would impact her academics.

During the selection process, she came to realize that all of her selected schools had similar academic programs but were not equal in community. When my daughter visited King’s College, she quickly came to realize that she would have a strong support system consisting of all members of the King’s community – Faculty, Staff, and Students. She felt welcomed and heard not only in her major but in all different facets of the King’s.

When we discussed her decision of college, she realized that success not only relies on academics but on the sense of support and acceptance you feel around you. All of the schools she considered had varying degrees of support, but none felt as comfortable to her as the community she found at King’s College.

As I parent, I could not hope for more for my daughter. I am thankful every day that this was brought to light for us on her journey.

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