The Impact of Giving to King's


The Annual Giving program at King’s earns investment intended to meaningfully impact the lives of our students. There are three primary ways to support the Annual Giving Program:

The KC Fund
The Presidential Hope Fund

The Monarch Athletics Fund


  1. Throughout the course of each academic year, King’s directs resources focused on our students – their needs, their growth, their futures. Gifts to the KC Fund provide College leadership with the flexibility needed to allocate resources in areas of immediate impact and ensuring progress … all with a disciplined focus on improving the student experience. “Teaching students not only how to make a living, but to live” is a King’s hallmark. From 1946 through the present day, this sentiment captures who we are and what we do. Support for the KC Fund helps keep that promise every day in ways large and small.
  2. Evidence of Impact. A walk through campus reveals the countless ways that King’s is evolving.
    1. Access & Opportunity – Scholarships. So many of our students need financial help to join the King’s family. Scholarships are an important way for King’s to provide the support necessary to recruit and retain students. 94% of all students at King’s last year received scholarship support totaling more than $29 million. Without these scholarship dollars, many of these young Monarchs could not be here.
    2. Innovation & Technology. The world is changing. Quickly. To keep up with ever-evolving developments in how we communicate, teach, and learn, the College must understand these changes and adapt. New developments like the Sikorski Innovation Lab and the Mutarelli Collaboration Lab demonstrate how King’s is working to provide our students and our faculty with better tools for teaching and learning.
    3. Service to Neighbors in Need. Every King’s student is taught that the world is bigger than each of us, and that there is so much need in this world, and that we each have a responsibility to help our brothers and sisters in need. From first year orientation – when every incoming student begins service to our local community – to SERVE trips – when dozens of students travel to learn, grow, and make a difference – part of the King’s experience is to live the value of service to others. Last year, King’s students spent nearly 180,000 hours serving others in need.
    4. The Future … Now. In an extremely competitive environment, we need to think carefully … and creatively … about how we attract the next generation of students. Fresh from the largest – and most academically talented – freshmen class in our school’s history, we are mindful that we must always be working toward the next strategy to provide opportunities that are exciting and meaningful. In just the last few years, we have added new academic programs (Exercise Science; Engineering; Nursing), expanded already in-demand academic programs (Physician Assistant Studies), added new athletics programs (Men’s & Women’s Track and Field; Men’s & Women’s Rugby; men’s & Women’s Ice Hockey). And we have lots more to come …

The Presidential Hope Fund

  1. The Presidential Hope Fund (“PHF”) is a critical retention tool that serves the most financially at-risk students at King’s. Taking care of our young Monarchs in ways that allow them to continue to the next semester and to complete their undergraduate degrees is of primary importance. Existing students who are doing the work academically and living as productive members of the campus community – but who are dealing with personal and other challenges that cause them to struggle financially – may qualify for PHF support. Depending on a student’s unique circumstances, PHF resources may help cover the cost of tuition, room, board, and/or books.
  2. Evidence of Impact.
    1. The continuation of studies. 80 students last year faced economic hardships which threatened their ability to remain at King’s. PHF awards were given out, totaling $230,580.14 to ensure that these academically inclined students were able to pursue and achieve their King’s degree.
    2. A sense of security. Family emergencies arise. Health issues, financial obstacles, parental job loss, etc. can significantly impact a student’s ability to continue his/her education. Focusing on these worries affects GPA performance, athletic performance, and overall well-being. The PHF frees students from this concern and provides security to those who need it most.

The Monarch Athletics Fund

  1. The Monarch Athletics Fund (“MAF”) is an annual giving designation that collects and provides additional budgetary support to sports teams at King’s College. In recent years, several sports, including Esports were added to the offerings, to total 29 unique athletic opportunities for students. The addition of new sports aids in recruiting talented athletes to King’s College who then receive an outstanding education and strengthen their moral compasses rooted in Holy Cross tradition. They grow their athletic talent and learn how to make a life, both professionally and personally, after earning their degree from King’s.
  2. Evidence of Impact.
    1. State-of-the-art sports center equipment. In the past, the Monarch Athletic Fund contributions aided the purchase of a new scoreboard to benefit the King’s Athletic program, as well as upgrades to facilities and necessary gear.
    2. Recruitment Funds. These resources enable athletic coaches to travel to engage talented athletes.